We have here a letter from Mr. Strenwhite, who was head master at Linton,
to Alans parents on his leaving school, well past his 14th birthday in 1942 along
with a school reference which shows Alan to have been a highly valued pupil,
who shows lots of 'promise', and will according to Mr. Sternwhite, 'do well'.

The first one says;

Hello Mrs Aveyard
Any time you are in this vacinity at all please come and see me about Alan.
He was a splendid boy, and I would have been glad if he could have stayed longer.
I am xxxxx a list xxx and I should be glad to know what sort of work he gets.
Tell him to write to me. If he fails to get suitable employment, send him back until May
if he would like to come. I think it could be arranged with the Education Department.
We will see to his parcel of clothes as soon as the van can get through.
Many thanks for your good wishes.

Yours sincerely
W. Sternwhite.

The other is a personal reference.

Alan Aveyard of Schoolmoor Lane, Bradford, was a pupil at this school from 10.7.1940
to 1.2.1942. During all of that time his work and conduct were very satisfactory indeed.
He was in Form 3A, the highest form and his progress was quite satisfactory.
I can speak in the highest terms of his character. He was always willing, tidy,
and keen in his work. He took an active part in all school activities, was a school prefect,
and a member of the football and cricket teams. He should do very well indeed.


W Sternwhite