Peter and Elsie Mallinson were working full time at Linton School around September 1967 to July 1968. They had three children, 2 of whom were actually born while mum and dad worked at Linton, their elder daughter, Margaret kindly sent me this information and the photgraphs. The Mallinson family lived at the end of dormitory one, the senior boys dormitory. Peter and Elsie also worked as supply teachers at Linton during the 1960's.

Not all pupils were allowed the full holiday period at home, so Peter would often find himself working additional holiday periods at Linton. Peter is seen as referee during a football match at Linton during the 1960's.

The colour photos are of the 1967 pantomine 'Aladdin' held on the stage in the assembly hall. Margaret is seen as the very young policeman. The other 'bobby' is Belle Holt, who was married to Tom Holt, and whose daughter Francis is standing behind her, Francis was a year older than Margaret and both girls attended Skipton Girls High School, along with Liz Barnard, who was the heads daughter and was the same age as Margaret.
Liz is seen on the right, wearing the coolie hat. Norman Barnard, her dad, is on the left, and Peter Mallinson is fourth from left, a very formidable Abenazer, who got all the kids booing! The second lady in from the right, may be Betty Ramsden. Miles and Betty Ramsden worked at Linton for many years, Miles as a teacher, a large imposing man, while Betty is thought to have been a welfare worker.

Miles and Betty went to Margarets wedding and remain in close contact with margarets mum. Peter Mallinson loved Linton and often stood up for the kids when they were facing Mr. Barnards punishments. Many was the time when Peter would arrive home at the end of dorm 1, stoney-faced, when he and Norman Barnard had cossed swords.
Sadly Peter Mallinson passed away in 1998.
I am very grateful to Margaret Hansard (nee Mallinson) for this information.