Peter, I'm writing this for my hubby who is the boy on the left of the above photo.  Yes you are right it’s the stage in the assembly hall, the year was 1957/8.  

Names of the boys shown are,  from the left David Perkins, Stuart Gibson,  Alan Holdsworth. They had just been playing football hence the dirty knees, they were on their way to the showers and was grabbed by a senior boy who took the photo, he was Edward Briggs.  You can see the projection holes behind Davids head where they showed the weekend film shows films. The sledge’s was kept under the stage some pupils may remember that.  Mr Sternwhite was the head master at that time.  David wonders does anyone remember Big Bertha! It was a big tractor/wagon tyre and you went up the top field got inside and off you went if you could stay in you were good, most usually fell out.   David was also there at the same time as you but thats another story.   I will send more photo's when I can. Regards June.


Hi again Peter, this is another era at Linton, David left in 1959 but went back to Linton for a short while in 1960 before coming home for good in 1961, so you may have just crossed paths.


 David went back for a third time but as an adult in 1977 I was with him this time we worked there I was a domestic and David was the maintenance man along with Brian Skinner. 


We enjoyed working there but David could not believe the changes with manners, and discipline was virtually none existent as pupils seem to have no respect and scoft at some teachers and give lots of back chat.    Photo 1 is Brian Skinner. Photo 2 is David Perkins in their workshop both looking really busy.