The year is 1970 and this photo is of Annie Robinson, one of the dinner ladies. Annies little dog on the left is Trixie, the corgi was called Pip and belonged to Elaine Wills. The picture was taken in the village of Linton. Elaine Wills (nee King), was at Linton in the 1960s, and I knew her at this time. After Elaine had left Linton she became very friendly with the Barnards and often visited them in their retirement in Whitby. Elaine still lives locally in Grassington

Photo of Elaine with the Barnards outside their bungalow at Linton, taken in the early 1970s.


Elaine and the Barnard's, with one of Elaine's children. While the quality is not good on these photos,

few have surfaced of the Barnards so while not perfect I think its important to include,

and I must thank Elaine for allowing me to reproduce here.