A few aerial photographs, very random, and not too brilliant. Taken using a DJI Drone, and using my brother Pauls plane.

Taken in 2015 with permission. The actual  video footage that these photos were taken from can be found 

by clicking here

I have edited video that was taken in varying weather conditions, some with perfect blue sky, some where it is dull and overcast.

Don't expect too much! it is all a bit haphazard! Of note, if you spot it, is the lumps and bumps of the Top Field.

It transpires that there was once a medieval village in this field, I certainly was not aware of that.

There is a website on the net that investigates the area in more detail, I will include a link in the Weblinks section on here.

It also has some professional aerial pictures of superb quality illustrating the site in superior detail.

The last photo shows my late brother Paul, the school caretaker, and yours truly.