Here is a lovely view from 1957, the year when my brother Paul was there.
The photo was taken before the major refurbishment and rebuilds. We can see
here that the original varandahs are in situ at the ends of the dorms, and
also, at the extreme left, by the end of dorm 6 are, what appear to be the
pigeon lofts or rabbit hutches. The long dry stone wall running across the
centre is lined with mature trees now, mainly poplars.
Kevin tells me that the 'dorms' were indeed named at one time, Kevin believes
that Dorm 1 was named "Cringles". He is unsure of the connection, but he recalls
overhearing a conversation between Mr Sternwhite, Jammy & Cheezy, who
were discussing this subject. Kevin thinks he heard one of them mention that
the names were taken from the names of local fields. Naming fields was a
tradition that has its roots in history.