The latest planning application has now been passed and will happen!

The development  is for a 45 room hotel and some self catering apartments.

A start is due to be made in the middle of next year, so the life of the old place is now very limited and not before time some people will say!

Here are a few artists impressions of the completed development, and I must say it all looks very nice.





My name is Peter Wood I attended Linton Camp Special School in the middle to late 1950s you have a photo of me on your web-site as I was rather good at football when I was a young boy playing in the first team for Linton against teams like Threshfield juniors and others , under Teacher/Coach Mr Key who also took us on trips out = pot-holing and caving camping ect! Mt Sternwhite was head teacher Mr Robson was his deputy, the latter went on to marry Jessie the fitness and sports teacher who also taught me to Dance, I have some great memories of my time at the school, also a few others when I got the cane in the early days there, however after I settled in things got a little better.. soon I was in the school football team scoring a number of gaols and became a popular pupil... It was`nt to long before I became a prefect and was able to get certain privileges sitting up on the stage for film nights ect! I can remember not liking when I had to go and see the school nurse on occasions, also having to get up early to ring the bell too! But on the whole I like being at the camp and everything that went on there to keep all the school happy. (tuck-shop for me) Some of my favourites was looking after the pigeon-hut and pigeons, or pets hut with all the different rabbits.. Sometimes we would go out on a ramble, maybe down to the stepping stones or into Linton village or even Grassington I can recall lots of things that amused and interested me at Linton from swimming in the outdoor pool to rolling `BIG BERTHA` (a giant tractor tyre) down the grass hill slopes of the camp.. At this boarding school I learned such a lot of qualities of life that any ordinary school could not offer.. joinery/woodwork, cooking/baking, dancing/acting, swimming/diving playing chess, and many others as-well as getting a good schooling I made some fantastic life memories and good friends...



A Poem courtesy of that man about town, Mr Roy Booth, entitled "The Journey".


Boarding the bus your friends are there

Sit close to the window to watch out and stare

Passing a park, and bypasses too

This wasn't the same in 1982


Plenty of churches were seen on the day

Humps and bumps, the Yorkshire way

Quarry was close, nearing the stretch

The tight little s'bend that zagged to the end


Approaching the village all seemed calm

A ram or a sheep stay close to the barn

Its a very tight road for this long wheel based bus

Turns at the crossroad without much fuss

Slow go the wheels its a very tight turn

Trees hit the mirror does tha' little green fern


Time to get off its single file

A walk to the dorm it felt like a mile

One last chance before the bus pulls away

This is my home now for a fortnight anyway


The First Night.


New off the bus after a long travelled day

Cant make a sound don't have much to say

Seeing these people who know what to do

I follow in line, I don't have a clue


I'm taken one side, ay lad what's ya name

I reply with a smile and they did the same

Clutching my case I was took to a room

Sewing machine, a radio, and an old spinners loom


Leave ya case here lad, run off and play

That was the last I saw of it, for a fortnight anyway

Soon made a friend who is the same today

We wont be separated, no how, no way


The sheets they are cold, and the room is pitch black

I'm left with my thoughts happy and cheery

I'd best go to sleep

My eyes they are weary


God bless