Letter from Princeville School in Bradford (20th June 1940) asking parents if they wished their
child or children to be evacuated to the new Linton Camp, near Grassington. Note that
Mr Thornton, the head master, asked for responses to be made available the very next day!
So plenty of time to think about it then!

The confirmation letter below, advising that Alan had been allocated a place at Linton
arrived on the 3rd. July 1940. Included was a list of items that Alan should pack and
bring with him, on the pick up day.
Notice that this kit must include a gas mask, and ration book. It also advises of payment
that had to be made of 6/- (6 shillings, or 30p in todays money) per week. This could be
'means tested' in order to obtain 'remission if justified'.