Here is another set of 4 photographs relating to a trip to the Strid probably in the mid to late 70's.


It’s hard to imagine that this group of happy smiling faces was walking around the Strid Nature Trail, as it is now known about 33 – 35 years ago.

It was a good trip to do on a hot summer's day because it had the river to play in, shade from the trees as you walked around and somewhere for the members of staff to buy you an ice lolly. It also involved a drive out in the minibus along the narrow winding lanes to Burnsall & beyond – good fun unless you were travel sick.

Do you recognize Miss Collyer, who came on the trip; she worked on Dorm 1 at the time.

Once again apologies for the lack of a complete set of names but here go:

Front row Paul Absom on the left.

On the second row, 3rd from the left, either Peter or Paul Lowther and Delroy Sherrife next to him.

Third row, Ian Puddifoot and Paul McCabe I think.

Standing high at the rear Christine, & either Peter or Paul Lowther on the left of the two boys.

Someone out there must be able to add the rest of the names, let Peter know.

I have just noticed that there is another face in the group eating lollies in the river.

He is wearing an orange shirt so maybe the group was bigger than the main phot.
Ben McKenzie