The 3 photographs shown here show the joy of a trip to the stepping stones.

Whether it was to collect bullheads & Cray fish, or just to skim stones across the river or just face the challenge of getting over the stones and back again.

I wonder how many Linton children have made the trip again since leaving or have taken their own children there and told them the stories of when they were young?

The first shows a class group about to set off.

I think it could have been 4B, at the time, as I taught them a lot when I was not teaching PE.

Apologies first to anyone in the photograph whose name I do not recall.

It was probably about 35 years ago and I have taught well over a thousand other pupils since then.

Only three names come to memory now. The boy at the front in the blue jacket is Terry Goodall he had two other brothers at Linton, Norman and David.

The girl to his right as we look at the photo was called Kate or Katie and she had a brother, I think called Peter at the school. The girl sat on the wall to the right was called Pauline Wright, I think.

The second photo shows Katie & her friend in the water.

The last one shows a large group making their way back to Linton after a walk along Conker Grove. This was an established autumn trip for many carrying back to school large, heavy rucksacks full of conkers.


Ben McKenzie.