The swimming pool

Here are a few photographs kindly sent to me from an ex staff member at Linton
Mr. (Ben) McKenzie.
Mr. McKenzie was PE teacher at Linton from September 1973 until January 1982.
This was his very first role as a qualified teacher, and Ben would admit that this first
entry into the world of teaching was, certainly an eye opener for him. He absolutely
loved his role at Linton, the school, and the superb environment, and his experience
at Linton placed him in a position to enable him to forge a very successful career
in teaching. While he was at Linton, working in Norman Branard’s team, he was
particularly influenced by the Robson’s, (George and Jessie) and was greatly impressed
by their teaching style, wisdom and philosophy, an approach that Ben emulated
through his continued teaching life until his recent retirement from a Head Teaching
role in a residential school in the south of England. Ben retired 2 years ago and now
lives in Belgium

Ben visited the school soon after the travellers had done their foul deeds, and deeply
hurt with the meaningless destruction that was so obvious. His views are held by
everyone who has since visited the site. Ben says “To have such fond memories of
the school and to see such destruction can impair your own happy memories,
one has to overcome this, and concentrate only on the good times”.

“ I remember seeing a class room blackboard with the sprawl from one ex visiting pupil,
'What have they done to my beautiful school?'” this written by a boy who had made
an oft repeated and continued effort to 'escape' back to Bradford!
The pictures depicted here include the famous swimming pool, with Jessie Robson
and another member of the staff keeping a watchful eye on a young swimmer.
A pair of very interesting photographs depict the school, or 'camp' as it was known in 1939 when it was under construction.