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This is a set of 4 photographs which, I would think date from around the mid 1970's - but could be wrong.


They show Miss Shuttleworth's/Mrs McKenzie's class group enjoying the fine Linton summer weather outside the junior class block.

No white building to be seen.


In the background are a group of senior boys enjoying a game of softball - shirts off and getting a good tan.

No idea what was kept in the pen at that time?


The children stop their paintings from being blown away by weighing them down with their Ladybird reading books.

In the background you can see the black ash pile from the coal fire in the staff room.

Mrs Robson nee Suttle. talked about sitting in front of the fire to dry her hair when she first went to the school.


Their reward for hard work and such fine artistry is a trip to - Yes! you guessed correctly - the stepping stones.

Where else would you want to go on a hot sunny day.


On the way the class pose for a photograph on the steps, next to the gate, leading into Linton Church.


I wonder how many bull heads they caught that day?


I am sorry but only a few names & partial names come to mind.

I am, really, sorry as you were my Dorm 3 boys at the time.


In the orange stripped jumper & blue shirt showing is Delroy Sherrife (sorry about the spelling)

In front of him & standing is one of the Goodall brothers, I think David.

The blond haired boy next to the wall was called Trevor I think.

On the steps the boy third up from the bottom is, I think, called called Ian Puddifoot.

Still on the steps the girl holding her hair reminds me of one of the Jacques family - Julie comes to mind but I could be wrong.


If anyone viewing these photographs, or any others posted, can identify the pupils then please let Peter know so that we can complete the picture.


Ben McKenzie