Girls Cross Country Running Results

Attached are the results of a school cross country championship, but year unknown.

Cross country - as a pupil you either loved it or hated it. When you live in an area, where the hills are at your doorstep, and are steeped in a history of fell running - you have to try it.

At school & PE College I was a sprinter & high hurdler so anything more than 400 yards/metres was out of my comfort zone as well but I did not tell the pupils that.

Even though I was not a natural distance runner I could appreciate the beauty of running in the hills and after leaving Linton I managed to achieve my goals of completing the Burnsall Fell race, the Kilnsey Crag race and the Dales Half Marathon.

So they had to try/do it & I hope I did not traumatize too many.

You never know what talents a pupil has until you push them to try the unknown. To make it easy for me the better runners ran ahead to a set point & returned to the group whilst the rest ambled along side me and pretended to be enjoying it.

Anyone in the attached lists, no matter of their position, should be proud of themselves for completing the course, because our cross country course was one of the hardest. As a school we were regular & respected attendees at the local fell races and Special Schools X- Country Championships - more information latter.

One pupil, who took to running big time, after leaving school, was Michael Coffey.

He went onto, not only run in local fell races but the long distance endurance fell races as well.

How he managed them I will never know as he did not have the slight build of a runner but was more like a second row rugby player.

It also became a family affair as he encouraged his children to compete, at a very young age, also with a lot of success.

Without that opportunity at Linton, this would never have happened.

Ben McKenzie