Linton had always had a thriving outdoor program which you can see from some of Peter’s articles and I often looked through the old photo books, which were kept in the office stock room, of past canoeing & camping trips.


Under the dorms they kept canoe moulds and I remember Mike Butler making a fiberglass canoe with some of the boys as an evening activity.


At this time there were a number of major accidents throughout the country involving pupils undertaking outdoor activities and this resulted in a whole new set of rules & regulations being brought in to protect children but this limited some activities at Linton.


Luckily for us we had a very good friend of Linton, Ken Robinson, who along with fellow Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue members would take us on climbing and caving trips.


Linton was well equipped with camping gear and the camping store was run by Miss Peel at the back of the girls shower block I think.


I remember a camping trip to the Lake District and more locally we would walk to Howgill Lodge near Appletreewick for overnight or 2 day stays and then walk back.


This was a favorite trip of mine with Mr. Little along with our camping trips up to Kettlewell.


We also ran the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and one year we managed to get a few pupils through their Silver Award – the name Alan Ryan comes to mind when I think of the award ceremony in Skipton town hall, but there were others.


The photographs were taken on a day walk, in the hills, behind Conistone village.


The senior boys were always keen to help out on the trips and in this case they are George Hackney, who managed to find a frog & Shaun Roberts who found a baby bird.

Some of the faces you will recognize from other articles. David Goodall opens his red flask; Peter Townsend starts to bite into his sandwich with Peter & Paul Lowther looking on. Ian Puddifoot, in the green jumper, chats to Trevor Ryan & Paul McCabe in the blue anorak & Delroy Sherrife is standing in his group with George & Shaun looking on in the background.

I will finish this article with a memory of how the Lowther brothers got me into trouble with Mr. Barnard – I wonder if they remember.

One year I took them, in a group, to The Great Yorkshire Show. They had a real love of anything to do with farm animals, machinery etc & of course disappeared.

Panic all around & announcements around the showground and a trip to the police van who had them. They had been sensible enough to find a police officer. What I did not know was that the officer who found them was one of Mr. Barnard’s best friends Sergent Blacker.

When we got back to school all was well until I suddenly got called into Mr. Barnard’s office who asked what had gone on at the show.

How did he know anything I thought!


It turned out that the police officer had written a note to Mr. Barnard on one of their arms in pen, I do not know if it was Peter’s or Paul’s arm. He told them not to say anything to me but when they got back to school to show it to the Headmaster.

It must have been either very traumatic or very funny for me to remember it in such detail.

As always if you can identify any of the pupils in the photographs let Peter know and put me out of my misery - I so want to know the missing names.

Ben McKenzie