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The Gym Fire Report

It was on a Friday evening when serious damage was caused to the popular gym building at Linton. In addition to the fire destroying the gym, 2 store rooms, including the seamstress workroom, and part of the boys ablutions was also affected, the roof being almost beyond saving. Fortunately the pupils, around 80, had already returned to their homes for the weekend, so nobody was injured in the fire. As is often the case in incedents such as these, the fire was most probably caused by the ever popular 'electrical fault'. The boys shower block was fully repaired including a completely new roof, and as can be seen today, this roof stands out amongst all the others, and is probably the one most intact, whereas the gym was presumably thought to be no longer an essential facility, and the decision was made not to rebuild. Looking at the empty concrete raft where the gym stood today, one wonders how on earth we managed to play any-a-side football, or any other form of communial physical activity in such a diminutive space!
I know we were smaller than we are now, never-the-less, it certainly looks too small!