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The Clocks !




Every morning , on the way to breakfast, this would have been such a familiar view to you.

So familiar that you may have forgotten it.

 No, not the boy but the school clock to the right.

 If you can describe it with great accuracy then you probably spent too long standing beside it.

 It was basically a time out area with a bit of an edge.

The edge being that to the right of the clock was the Head Teacher’s Office.

If he was in & you were standing there he wanted to know why.

 But what happened to those lovely school clocks?

This one was one of many to be found on the site.

They were in the all the main buildings & on the dormitories.

 They were very basic in construction with an oak casing and brass pendulum workings.

No identification marks and no idea if they were part of the original fittings or were put in when Bradford took over the buildings as a school.

They were, however, essential to life at Linton as the routines were dictated by the clock.

 It was someone''s job to wind them up and make sure they all showed the same time.

I have no recollection of who did that but it was always done & you could set your wristwatches by them.

 Meanwhile back in Bradford someone in the County Council decided that clocks like these needed updating to modern, white plastic, battery driven models.

Clocks that would tell the time more accurately and save man power as you never had to wind them up.

 So one day, before I left in 1981, a contractor from Bradford arrived without any prior warning, but with his written instructions from the council, to replace all the clocks in the school with their modern plastic counterparts.

 Staff at the time had no idea what was happening but the word soon got around that these icons, of Linton life, were to disappear.

I hot footed to Mr Barnard''s office to ask if I could have the Dorm 3 clock - the one pictured.

Miss Peel asked if she could have the Dorm 4 clock.

The contractor had said that they would be destroyed when they got back to Bradford.

We knew they would probably end up in the hands of some dealer.

I do not know if others were saved - let''s hope so.

 Some of you may remember the change over?

 Having to stand under the clock never seemed to have the same meaning any more.


Ben McKenzie