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Dining Hall 2008


This is one of a group of photographs that were taken in February 2008. This is the assembly hall, at the school office end.

One would wonder why after 20 odd years, these buildings are still standing, but the truth is rather complicated

After the school was closed it was to be used once again as farmland, but ownership has passed on to property developers, and a number of plans have been submitted to develop the site into various holiday lets, timeshare and the like.

Local residents are dead against this of course, as is the National Park Planners. I would guess that the reason the buildings are not simply demolished, again is more to do with planning than any any hope of reuse or refurbishment. If they are preserved then planning permission would be that much easier to grant, than if the area was cleared of all standing buildings. I know, and this is demonstrated by a photograph, that professional efforts has been made by joiners to shore up some of the buildings that are precariously leaning, and ready, with the next big wind, to collapse.


Details of the latest planning application submitted in January 2008 can be found by clicking,


You can see that the existing buildings would be restored to almost original condition, use would be a continuation of C2, (residential educational/training/faith use) which is still legally binding. I personally think this a good use of my old school, and it would enhance this beautifull area of the Yorkshire Dales, so I wish the current owners every success in finding a purchaser for the site, and hopefully making use of the current accepted plans, enabling the site to be rebuilt in similar style to the original.