Assembly Hall


Assembly Hall

Almost the end now, for this building, which was the focal point for most activities at Linton. School Assembly was held here each school day, starting at around 9.20. There would be a couple of hymns sung, usually with Mrs Robson at the piano, followed by a prayer or two, this would be Christian based of course, the only real religious difference then was C of E or Catholic, and then any announcements regarding any special goings on during the day. We would then be marched off to our individual class rooms for the days teaching. As mentioned elsewhere we also had film shows here, using a drop down screen. Behind this screen a small room housed the tuck shop, and this was open, usually at weekends, and manned by a member of staff, serving through a small opening hatch. Kids would line up to spend their weekly pocket money on items like Mars Bars and Kit Kats, and of course, the penny tray.

Price for most bars of chocolate then would be 6d, or two and a half pence in today’s money, a milky bar was 4d. (By the way 4d was 4p in today’s parlance; the small D represented P. or pence). Senior kids could at weekends venture out to the big city, and would be able to spend pocket money in Grassington, juniors could also visit Grassington, but had to be supervised, and in groups headed by a teach. For the ones that stayed in camp, the tuck shop was the next best choice.

We would have an evening assembly after tea, this was really a gathering time for clubs and other activities, where children could be checked, and then dispersed to whatever choice of activity they were interested in. Groups would use any available class room, the science block being a popular choice. One of the ‘clubs’ run by staff, was the dancing club, ran by Mrs Robson, who must have put a lot of hours in at work, this evening activity would be held here in the assembly hall.
A varied cross section of dances would be taught, and surprisingly, they were popular, and not just with the girls, but a goodly number of boys would attend, including yours truly.
I mastered the quickstep, the waltz, and a host of Scottish reels, such as the Gay Gordens. I was quite good and never short of a female partner, unlike now, as I have lost the touch completely!

One Christmas we organised a Christmas Ball. Invitations were sent out to local dignitaries and prominent celebrates both local and from Bradford.
We decorated the assembly hall for the big day. We themed the decorations on the seas, we had full size whales, fish, clams, all made in the art class by kids. Fish nets hung across the ceilings, mobiles dangled in the shaped of shells and such. King Canute (Born c.994 Reigned 1016 - 1035 Died 1035) sat a watery throne in a corner. We had soft drinks, and I think a finger supper was laid on. We sent out invitations with R.S.V.P. to Head Girl; Jennifer Westwood-Head Boy Peter Hartingdon. I had retained one of these invites until very recently, but I have now misplaced it, shame. I can remember standing by the door, while each guest was officially announced, and Jennifer and I welcomed him or her with a smile and a handshake, bit like Corporal Jones would have done in Dads Army! Jennifer and I started the proceedings proper by having the first dance.

We had a church service here in the assembly hall on most Sundays. A vicar would visit to conduct these. Sometimes, if the weather was kind, we would visit Linton Church for the Sunday Service, a nice walk, down to the river and along towards the stepping stones. The hall was also used for indoor PE, although we had a small dedicated gym, with a horse, and wall bars and things, in order to segregate the girls from the boys during these lessons, one group would use the hall, the other, the gym.