Linton Camp Special Residential School

Linton Camp School, near Grassington, was offered for sale to the Bradford Education Committee. The Ministry of Education was selling off a number of camps, which had been built between 1930 and 1940 as evacuation centres for children. After the war Linton Camp was used to house youngsters who would benefit from the "invigorating air of Wharfedale" and latterly it catered for a small number of "semi-delicate and a few maladjusted children".

In 1958 I had my first stay at Linton Camp School. It was right up to my leaving in 1964 referred to as LINTON CAMP, not school. I would guess that attempts were made TO change this position, trying to dispense with the word Camp, but certainly amongst pupils and parents, it continued to be known as a ‘camp.

This view was taken standing on the School Office steps, and looking towards the new art block, and school bell, with the boy’s ablutions on the right.

Photograph taken about 1988. As can be seen the condition at this time was fairly decent. I have some video footage I took at about the same, when I gained internal access; after all, the doors were not locked. The dorms were full of the original furniture, beds, even light bulbs. This did not last long as the area was lived in by travelers. This was when major damage was done.
In the class rooms, desks and chairs, even chalk for the blackboards were evident. Why on earth one must ask, is what possessed the owners to leave the place wide open, inviting trouble?