Scenes showing events during the school holidays. Of particular interest is the shot of the dorm end. This is dorm 4 (old dorm 6)
senior girls. Clearly showing the basic state before the changes, dorm 3 (5) just seen on the left, has already been modified with the
new additional corridor, toilets, and flat roof. Notice how narrow dorm 4 looks, the addition of the new appartment on the end and
extra width due to the right hand side corridor made it seem much wider than here on this shot. Near where the photographer is
stood a brick based greenhouse was built, and is still partly standing today. The wall on the right now has many mature trees.
Top picture appears to be in front of the class block, now gone. The boys putting up the tent was taken behind the old class block,
an impossible scene to reproduce today as this area is now totally covered by trees. The canoe scene is by the school clinic.
There is also a name board above the end of the dorm shot, it looks like "Langdales" or "Longdales", did the buildings have names?