The top photo is a gem! Showing the school office it is full of detail. Clearly well before the refurbishment of 1960/1, it shows the office pre the outward addition of the heads office. Also the open varandas on the right and notice the paths, rough and disorganised. The refurb eventually included full kerbs and fresh tarmac and boxing in of the footings, which was then used as storage areas where access made it possible, for sledges, boats etc.
The middle photo was taken again, before the rework. Impossible to tell which dormitory this is, but there was a radio of this type when I was at Linton, we used it to record 'Radio Linton', and notice the haphazard wiring, I have zoomed in at great detail at these cables and it looks a right wess! Maybe this was at a time when the work was being carried out, as the beds do not appear to have any sheets or blankets.
The bottom picture, taken from the 'top field' would probably also be around this time. It is almost impossible to get this same view now due to the tree planting. The big chimney left of the heads study is most probably the one at Linton Falls Mill.
It was demolished along with the mill, and is now houses.