The top picture is interesting, albeit of dubious quality. I have heard stories of animals at Linton, hens, chickens, pigeons and the like, this lad is holding a mogie. As to ownership of this mog, who knows. It may well be the schools cat. But I am suret here was no cats about in my time. That said I did have an hamster in the art room at one time, though fortunately it escaped, I say fortunately as the little rascal would bite.
The middle photo may not be of Linton, I certainly do not recognise the building. I have included it here as it is a good shot of the kids and a teach.
The car, a split screen Morris minor, is thought to belong to Don Robinson. It appears to be parked at the end of one of the dorms.
It is obvious that this was taken well before the major refurb that took place around 1960/1.