This is Dons motorbike that he toured Europe in during the early 1950's. This

picture was taken at the end of 3, which became dorm 4, senior boys.

Dons motorbike

 This is the domestics block. This block is almost down now, this end is being held up by props. To the right of the stone wall is a red brick building with a concrete dome shaped roof. It appears to be partly concealed in this view by an earth bank. The building still stands and is thought to have been an above surface air raid shelter to serve any children resident in the clinic in the event of an air raid, anyone know different?

Man up a telephone pole

In a pothole

Just look how well prepared these boys were for a bit of pot holing! How times change!

Tents in playing field

This area was always popular for practising erecting tents and such. Would be difficult these days as a bank of trees planted in the late 1980's to act as a screen from the adjacent road encroach this area. Dont know if these are Linton children, or one of the many groups who would use the school for their outdoor activities, particularly during school holidays.