Outdoor Pool

Lovely shot of the outdoor swimming pool. Little used in my day, as it was unheated, it naturally depended on fine sunny weather for it too be usable. I do remember being part of the volunteer team charged with the annual clean out.This was a very serious exercise, but as you would imagine, one that we managed to turn into a lot of fun.
Liberally soaked in soap and water! The pool had a very steep slope from the shallow end to the deep end, and one could dive in, although I recall that this was frowned upon. I was actually banned by Nurse Wilson for using the pool for most of my time at Linton, as I was just so delicate, and weak, and a physical wreck, and it was feared that I could end up down the plughole, and get mangled in the filter......
The top photograph is really special to me as I am in it! I do not remember this event, and cannot recall Grahame having a camera for him to able to capture these superb scenes on these pages, but it is absolutely fantastic that he did.
We have here me, Peter Hartingdon, D Waddington, David Scriven, Grahame Varley, M McGreal. The year was 1961.
The building in the backdrop is the class room block of 4 class rooms, or just 2 if the sliding connecting doors were opened. The white 'day room' had not been built at this time. Neither buildings are standing now. The swimming pool filter room surprisingly is still standing complete with equipment, but the pool has long since been back filled, a set of access ladders do protrude from out of the grass!