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The first one shows Mr. (Donald) Robinson with my life long pal David Scriven. David and I go back to Ryan Street Infants, just off Manchester Road/St Stephens Road In West Bowling, then we met again at Linton.

Mr Robinson was a firm favourite amongst the children in my day. David and I drifted apart after leaving school, not seeing each other till I was on a visit to Haworth about 1980 and bumped into him in the engine yard of the KWVR. Both railway enthusiasts since childhood, although my interest did take a back seat while I was following my career and bringing up my children, but David, well he had a lifetime working on the railways even driving steam engines on the Esholt railway. He retired from signalman at Hebden Bridge recently but he now is very busy as a volunteer on the KWVR.

The little girl above is a puzzle. I think she may be Mr & Mrs Robsons little girl, Jayne. Grahame has since confirmed that it is indeed a shot of Jayne Robson.

The lady stepping out, or frog marching, was a temp, only working at Linton for a few months. The riverside scene with the group of boys contains Mr Core who is acting in a supervisory role on this outing. I have to admit that he was not liked, not by anyone I knew anyway.

Not sure what is happening in the next shot, but Mr Robson seems to be having an altercation with a gentleman unknown. Picture appears to be on the little unclassified road betwixt the school and Linton Village.

Though today, the sides of this road are overgrown with hedges and trees, so this distant view across the valley, would not now be possible. The man with his head turned toward the camera in the next shot, at the side of a dorm, is also unknown to me, though he has a look of Mr. Moorhouse, but this is uncertain. Again, thanks for the confirmation Grahame, as this is Mr & Mrs Moorhouse. Mrs Moorhouse was the school secratary and Mr Moorhouse a teacher, in todays parlance, one could describe Mr Moorhouse as "Cool"! Last one on this page shows 690WX a rather smart Ford Anglia 105E, launched in 1959 at a new rice of £589 for the standard model, or £610 for the plusher deluxe, both had a top speed of 75 mph. As the car was obviously going to live at Linton, then the owner would have paid the extra £14 to have an heater installed! The owner, incedentally, seems to be Mr Core, with Mr Robinson handing out instructions