Playing with tyres!

A group of children in the first picture look to be just milling around the playground, one boy holds a football while in deep conversation with the others, and another concentrates on positioning the tyre to be used for a goal post. Looks like a kick about is due to start. The dining hall is the backdrop to this photograph from Grahame Varley, so the period would be very likely to be around 1961. The second picture, with the assembly hall, and main school office in the background, shows Mr. Robson (cheezy) talking to Mrs Lochland, and I may have got the spelling wrong. The room with the porthole windows at the side of the hall was used as storage for stage equipment, curtains, musical instruments, props etc. Always a mess I remember. The headmasters office, which was the bay window, so the boss could have a good view of his domain, well under his office here you can see the little access door where some of the sledges were stored when not needed. The last photograph of the playground was taken in colder weather, signs of frost about. This is a good shot showing almost the full extent of the dining hall, with class room 1 just visible on the right. Again the ubiquitous tyres are very much in evidence.