The top photo has me a little puzzled as I thought the newly designed dormitories were all the same,
but this one, which I think is junior girls dorm 3, appears to be slightly different from say dorm 1.
The second piture down again has me a little confused as I cannot pinpoint exactly where the photo was taken, however Grahame has suggested that it is indeed dorm 1, and the boys are having a shoe cleaning session in readyness for the habitual Saturday morning inspection. The boy picking his nose (come on, we all do it) is John Walsh, and the one behind him is Parves Tramasi. The event would be correct, but not exactly certain of the location, the dorms seem to be too close together for it to be dorm 1. My location choice for this shot would be outside dorm 2, junior boys. Grahame suggests the hut at top left is in the allotment area where Mr Robson held the gardening club.
The third shot I think must be senior girls dorm 4.The fourth one needs no explanation, but what is interesting is that the schools sign board sports the full name. Lastly, looking extremely presentable and in fine fettle complete with garden bird table and old style television aerial, and a lovely sunny day is of course, the Clinic.