Can only say for sure who the girls are in the last photograph. Doreen Rhodes and Charleen Dale, standing on the dining hall steps inthe spring of 1962. One of the girls appears to be wearing a Head Girl badge. The boy by the school clock is maybe Robert Wright who featues on a couple of Grahames pictures.
The one with the throwing arrows featured is of particular interest to me as this was one of my fave pastimes at Linton, and was also extremely dangerous in hindsight. Great skill was required, not only in the pursuit of winning a match, but also in producing the arrow. Great care was needed to fine tune your prized creation, particularly the flight, the grove that needed to be carved perfectly at the flight end of the beast, the technique in launching your arrow, one could not pussy foot about, this was serious stuff! The arrow team are; L to R, R Wright, D Barnett,
P Watmuff, F Fieldhouse, B Hodgeson, P Haw, E Jagger. This was Autum 1961.
The group sledging would have been in winter 1961. The bonfire would definately have been in November, probably the 5th! I say that cos now you can set off fireworks with impunity, anytime one likes, not so in the 60's, and certainly not on a Sunday!