The latest planning application is now in at the Yorkshire Dales National Park planning portal.

The proposed development  is for a 45 room hotel and some self catering apartments.

Public consultation period ends on the 7th February with the final decision to be made by

the 25th February. If you wish to make your comments known, you will have to be quick.


the application number is C/50/46L

and the planning portal is here,

Click on Planning and Development

Then Planning Application search

Then put the above application in the search box.


While you are waiting for that to load up you may wish to take a butchers at this little ditty

courtesy of that man about town, Mr Roy Booth, entitled "The Journey".


Boarding the bus your friends are there

Sit close to the window to watch out and stare

Passing a park, and bypasses too

This wasn't the same in 1982


Plenty of churches were seen on the day

Humps and bumps, the Yorkshire way

Quarry was close, nearing the stretch

The tight little s'bend that zagged to the end


Approaching the village all seemed calm

A ram or a sheep stay close to the barn

Its a very tight road for this long wheel based bus

Turns at the crossroad without much fuss

Slow go the wheels its a very tight turn

Trees hit the mirror does tha' little green fern


Time to get off its single file

A walk to the dorm it felt like a mile

One last chance before the bus pulls away

This is my home now for a fortnight anyway


The First Night.


New off the bus after a long travelled day

Cant make a sound don't have much to say

Seeing these people who know what to do

I follow in line, I don't have a clue


I'm taken one side, ay lad what's ya name

I reply with a smile and they did the same

Clutching my case I was took to a room

Sewing machine, a radio, and an old spinners loom


Leave ya case here lad, run off and play

That was the last I saw of it, for a fortnight anyway

Soon made a friend who is the same today

We wont be separated, no how, no way


The sheets they are cold, and the room is pitch black

I'm left with my thoughts happy and cheery

I'd best go to sleep

My eyes they are weary


God bless